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Experts 3D infographics for Companies 

We are professional creators of 3D visualizations

Realization of infographics and high quality rendering with extensive international experience.

We guarantee professional solutions with the necessary attention and detail so that each project stands out and is enhanced through our best three-dimensional renderings.

We create high-impact 3d visualizations for the best firms and companies in Spain, France and Italy. We offer a personalized service aimed at design professionals.

Specialized in 3D rendering design

Over the years we have specialized in different areas of creation and production of 3D visualizations with high quality results.

We are proud to offer our 3d modeling and rendering services  in the following categories:

Renders arquitectura

Renderings for Architecture

We makearchitectural renderings and infoarchitectures for companies and offices. We stand out for our attention to photorealistic details and for creating environments that evoke emotions .

Renders Interiores

Renderings for Interiors

Rendering design service for interior spaces .

We create hyper-realistic 3d focused on faithfully transmitting all the details of the project and satisfying the taste of your client.

Renders Inmobiliario

Renderings for Real Estate

Professional renderings for professionals in the real estate sector. 3d design of photorealistic real estate infographics to boost the sale, promotion and marketing of real estate.   

Renders Comercial

Renderings for Commerce

Long experience in the generation of 3D models and renders for shopping malls , retail , window dressing and commerce . We offer visualization services for large and small scale new and rehab projects. 

Renders Oficinas

Renderings for Offices

We design renderings to show the rehabilitation projects of offices , workspaces , coworking and meeting rooms . We anticipate through our visualizations the appearance and atmospheres of the new spaces. 

Renders Eventos

Renderings for Exhibitions

 Over the years we have had the opportunity to collaborate on major museum and exhibition projects . We accompany the presentations of exhibitions , shows , events and art projects with the best expressive 3d visualizations .

Renders 3d

The 3D infographic for your needs 

We are specialists in the following types of 3D infographics to satisfy all the requirements of your projects.



08_Calvia Beach- Fachada Def.jpg

Exterior Renderings

Realization of exterior renderings for small and large scale projects with realistic settings .

3d modeling for aerial or pedestrian infographics of any type of construction. 

Photo 3D Integration

Creation of photographic integrations to show the before and after of the intervention project in specific areas.
We perform 3D modeling and rendering so that the virtual image can be perfectly inserted into the current state photograph.

Calacatta Macchia Vecchia.jpg

Interior Renderings

3D design of interior spaces and high-quality renderings with hyper-realistic details . We are expert infographic designers in the creation of interior images for spaces of any size, style and complexity. 

Planos Amuebldos

3D Furnished Flat Renderings

3D modeling of technical plans, furniture layout and scale renderings to improve and more easily transmit finishes and spaces to the end customer.

Axonometrías 3D

3D Axonometric Renderings

Generation of axonometric renderings   furnished to show the volumes and distributions of the project to immediately improve and facilitate understanding.

Renders 3d de Tour virtual 360°

360° Virtual Tours

Navigate within the project virtually without losing the details and atmosphere of the design.

Try the 360 degree virtual tour  de example to understand the potential of this 3d rendering service for your clients.   

Visualizaciones 3d

Study of 

3d rendering

professional infographics

With over 7 years of experience in infographic modeling and rendering , we have a long history of developing using the latest 3D design technologies.

Tell us about your project!

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Experience of more than 7 years

Icon 1b.png

Collaborated with more than 40 firms

Icon 3.png

Participated in more than 380 projects

Icon 2.png

Made more than 1200 renders

Renders Online

3D rendering online

We collaborate remotely maintaining the highest levels of quality and professionalism.

Our rendering studio collaborates with companies and professionals from any city in

Spain , France and Italy .













All about  

Professional 3D Infographics

  • What is a 3D infographic?
    3D infographics or 3D renderings are any type of visual representation made with computer programs. They are a very powerful tool when it comes to conveying an idea, a project, an environment or sensations in a concrete way.They are used in many sectors and with different styles. Our Biverso studio is specialized in the creation of professional 3D renders in the categories and styles indicated below.
  • What types of 3D infographics do you produce?
    We are specialized in the production of 3D infographics of exterior and interior scenes, axonometrics, furnished plans, 360° virtual tours and photointegration. We have also developed different techniques and styles of 3D rendering, from conceptual, abstract and expressive images to highly detailed hyper-realism, in order to satisfy most of our clients' needs.
  • In which sector do you offer 3D infographics?
    We collaborate with architects, interior designers, design professionals and companies and offer our 3d rendering services in the following sectors: Architecture - projects and competitions Interior Design Real Estate Commercial Offices Exhibits
  • 3d modeling?
    The 3D modeling is the initial phase that we deal with. The more detailed and well done it is, the better the final renders and the coherence of the project. We carry out both the optimization and development of the basic 3D model received by the client and the complete creation according to the information received.
  • What is the price of a 3D infographic?
    The price of a 3d infographic or renderings depends on many different factors that affect the complexity and the time of completion. Some factors are the size of the project, the information received, the type of image to be produced and the style. For example, the interior rendering of a small conceptual bathroom is not comparable to the exterior rendering of a highly detailed housing development. That is why we take care to study the needs of each client separately in order to prepare a tailored budget for each project. Don't worry, you can write to us to request any information you need and we will be happy to help you.
  • What material must be sent to receive a quote for an infographic?
    To carry out an economic valuation we need to see some explanatory material of the project. They can be plans, sections, sketches, reference photos or the current state. Accompany this material with a description of the requirements, the number of images to produce and the style. You can send an email to and we will review the material and contact you within 24 hours.
  • What is your work methodology for creating 3d infographics?
    Once we receive the initial basic information from the client, we prepare a budget, availability and delivery time.Once an agreement is reached, the process of collecting all the necessary material for the project begins. The first stage is 3D modeling In this phase we will adapt and optimize the model received by the client or we will model it from scratch following all the information received. Selections points of view Once the model has been created, we will proceed to the selection phase of the points of view suggested by the client or even our own proposals when we see that the project may be interesting. In this phase the client may indicate modifications to the model to correct errors or small changes in the design. Texturing and lighting Once the points of view have been defined with the client, we will start the texturing and lighting phase -day, sunset or night- according to the needs of the project and the client. We will send low-quality proofs for general feedback and confirmation. High quality final rendering Once the tests are approved, we will start the rendering phase in high quality 4k. Post-production and setting Once the rendering is finished, we will go to the post-production and setting phase (if the project requires it) and we will send the final image to the client for approval.
  • How long does it take to make a 3D infographic?
    The time required to produce a 3d infographic depends largely on the details of the project, its size, complexity and style. Basically, an average image that includes 3D modeling, rendering and post-production takes between 3 and 5 days. Contact us with your project at and we can give you an exact estimate.

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